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        George Divver

     In 1997 after ten years in the plumbing industry George decided to create his own company.  Fell Plumbing Inc., came into existence in February of 1997.  As the owner and operator of Fell Plumbing, Inc., George has been able to set the tone for his company.

     His customers are his number one priority and service has become the cornerstone. 

     Now, in our twelfth year as a family owned and operated plumbing company we continue to strive to make your plumbing experience a positive one.

     George and his team have over twenty years of experience in the plumbing industry.  If you have a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention, call George at 301-674-5726.  George will be your first point of contact, we don't believe in switchboards.  We pride ourselves in a quick response and the ability to repair or replace deficient plumbing fast and efficiently without delay, allowing less interuption to your busy life.


    Fell Plumbing, Inc., 12740 Hall Shop Road, Highland, MD  20777

           Phone 301-674-5726/E-mail: fellplumbing@yahoo.com

                        Fax 301-854-0786 or 410-489-9655