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How Do You Rate Fell Plumbing?

P.J. - Glenwood, MD 8/17/2009

     I called George because of a leaky shower head.  When he went into my basement to shut off the main valve to my water tank he heard the constant sound of water running through the pipes.  He asked me if I had turned something on recently, I said, no.  He shook his head, saying, "that shouldn't be running like that." 

     We then went outside to the well pump.  You could hear the water running, which I have heard before and thought was normal.  George told me it wasn't.

     After further investigation George found two problems.  The first, the valve inside had a pinhole.  The water over time had eaten away at the brass.  The second, because the of the pinhole the well pump kept getting fed water and therefore never shut off, because of the added pressure the gasket had given way inside the well casing.

     George replaced the valve inside and replaced the gasket.  George fixed my leaky shower head and because of George's ability to recognized a problem and his ability to problem solve he saved my well pump from burning up from excessive use, which would have cost over a thousand to replace.

     Thanks again, George.  We keep your number on our refrigerator.

Barbara McGown - Beltsville, MD 11/19/2009

     Who would ever guess your best friend would be a plumber?

     Every mother today who raises a daughter expects her to marry a doctor or a lawyer.

     My advice would be "marry a plumber."

     George Divver has been that guy who's there for every leak, pipe failure, and need for a larger bathroom.  He was there for the water heater failure and a few jokes for my son in a wheelchair.  He knows who to call for wall repair and furnace repair.  He knows a good dentist if you need one and how to find a guy to fix your washer.

     And--he returns calls!!

     He has a good sense of humour, a particularly witty sense of politics and COMMON SENSE!

     For years he's been our family's "one guy fits all."